BE: Trestman grateful for Payton invite

Let’s get into today’s Bears Essentials with a quick bit about the history shared between Marc Trestman and New Orleans coach Sean Payton.

Trestman was humble in expressing gratitude Thursday for the invitation extended by Payton in 2007 to join the Saints as a consultant. Trestman had been let go by N.C. State when Payton asked him to join the Saints, and the Bears' coach called the invitation “an opportunity to have some dignity in my career.”

“It was more about friendship between Sean and myself,” Trestman said. “We weren’t good friends at the time, but we had gotten to know each other. When I was out of football, I wound up spending some time with him, and we used to do that when he was the coordinator with the Giants [in 2000-02] we’d go to symposiums, have lunch and talk football.”

With two years remaining on his contract at N.C. State, Trestman joined the Saints as a consultant and said that Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis welcomed him and “made me feel very much a part of things.”

“It was a great time for me, and it was also a good time to watch Sean be a head coach, and see how he worked on a daily basis, and see how he handled the success and the adversity because during the year I was there, they went through some adversity,” Trestman said. “I got a chance to look at that, but how to get things done and do things the right way. It was impressive.”

The coaches actually met in 1997, and during the year in New Orleans they spent working together, Payton walked away impressed with Trestman.

“I’m really happy he received the opportunity [in New Orleans],” Payton said. “He is someone that is very sharp. He is a proven winner. You saw that as a head coach up in the CFL. He is someone that has very good thoughts offensively and yet, just as important or more importantly, leading his staff, and has done a great job to start.”

-- ESPNChicago.com colleagues Jeff Dickerson and Jon Greenberg debate a few hot topics concerning the Bears in their weekly Four Downs feature.

The first question posed asks whether it’s fact or fiction that Chicago’s 3-0 start against inferior competition is now being exposed. It’s not. Four turnovers are what exposed the Bears last week.

Anyway, I agree with Dickerson’s take on this.

Dickerson writes: "Fiction. I can’t stand when people take shots at a team based on the supposed strength of its schedule. The NFL makes the schedule, not the Bears. Despite the Bengals’ 2-2 record, they are a strong playoff contender in the AFC. The Steelers (0-4) and Vikings (1-3) are bad, that is a fact, but bad teams beat good ones all the time in the NFL. Actually, the mark of any 'good' team is that they rarely lose to inferior competition. If the Bears don’t turn the ball over four times versus the Lions, then maybe that game has a different outcome. Every team has flaws. But not every team in the league has three wins in the first four weeks. The Bears have nothing to be sorry for."

-- Rick Morrissey wants to see more consistency from Jay Cutler.

Morrissey writes: "Saints quarterback Drew Brees is on that 300-yard-game streak, during which he has thrown 22 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. You can see Tom Brady or Peyton Manning doing something like that, too. But Cutler? You’d have an easier time losing weight in your feet than getting similar consistency from him. He has had one 300-yard game in his last 18 games. That came in the Bears’ brutal loss Sunday to the Lions."

-- The Saints will depart for Chicago on Friday to avoid potential weather delays with Tropical Storm Karen looming, writes ESPN.com's New Orleans Saints reporter Mike Triplett.