Kane jokes about eye injury

Patrick Kane came away with a black eye after Sunday's game against the Lightning. Jesse Rogers/ESPNChicago.com

Patrick Kane bobblehead night may have to be canceled. Last year, Kane said he lost his teeth. This time it was nearly an eye.

With 6:59 left in the first period against the Tampa Bay Lightningon Sunday, and the Hawks on the power play, Kane was tripped into the boards by defenseman Matt Smaby. He landed on the butt of his stick, near his left eye.

He knows he dodged a bullet.

“It was a little scary,” Kane said on Monday at the Hawks' holiday party. “Anytime something has to do with your eye or your face or anything like that with your vision, I think it’s pretty scary, but overall I’m pretty excited about the outcome.”

Kane left the game and did not return, though he wasn’t needed as the Hawks went on to win 4-0.

“It was pretty blurry last [Sunday] night,” Kane said. “But after the game it cleared up pretty good. It’s just something you don’t want to risk, I guess.”

Kane had seven stitches and was sporting a shiner on his left eye when he showed up for the holiday party. All in all, he was in good spirits.

“Hopefully the girls love it. Hopefully, the chicks love it,” Kane joked. “I can deal with that for a little bit, but overall my vision is pretty good.”

“Last year I had my teeth come out,” he said. “That was pretty cool, and it actually worked out better because my teeth are better now than they were before. So now I add a scar to my face, like I said, hopefully, the girls love it.”

He probably didn’t need a scar to get more love. Kane scored his team-leading 10th goal before leaving on Sunday. He expects to play Wednesday when the Hawks play host to the St. Louis Blues.