Olympic Hawks have dedicated fan base

Toews Knows Long Road Ahead (1:32)

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews talks about Canada's victory over Germany and their upcoming game against Russia (1:32)

While the Chicago Blackhawks scattered to all parts of the globe for the Olympic break, one eye was kept on their teammates playing in Vancouver.

Already, American-born forward Adam Burish is having fun with the Team USA's victory over Canada but says he won’t get too cocky knowing there could be a rematch this weekend.

Here’s his prediction if Canada wins the tournament: “If they win the gold medal, [Brent] Seabrook will be tearing up for sure. He’ll cry and then Duncan [Keith] will go over and rub his back. [Jonathan] Toews won't smile and then if Seabrook is crying, Patrick Kane will just go over to him and laugh and make fun of him. I’m sure Seabrook will cry, though.”

Burish says he has kept in touch with Kane and is rooting for him to bring home the gold.

Troy Brouwer, and several of his teammates and significant others, were in Jamaica for a week during the break but did their best to keep up with the Games. The only problem was the U.S.-Canada game last Sunday was on cable, and they couldn’t get it at their resort.

“One of the employees that worked for the resort ran home and got his cable box and hooked it up to the TV in the game room there so he really accommodated us well.”

Brouwer said there were some Americans in the room watching the game and enjoying themselves while he and his Canadian teammates could only watch in disappointment.

Joel Quenneville has enjoyed the Olympic games as well, especially the drama the last couple of days.

He knows people are concerned with the extra minutes and games his six Olympians are receiving and will monitor things when they return.

“We’ll see how they handle [it] later, if it’s a problem or not,” Quennville said. “I don’t think anyone is playing the same minutes they were accustomed to. At the same time there is a lot of stress and [it's] an intense time. We’ll see how they handle it.”

While some playing for medals, in past Olympics, have been given a game off after their done playing for their country, Quennville doesn’t see that happening with his players and expects them to be in New York come Tuesday.

“That wasn’t on our radar screen. We’re going to need them,” Quenneville said.

Finally, Brouwer couldn’t decide who had the best tan after a week in the sun. According to him, it certainly wasn’t Colin Fraser.

“Fraser is either white or red, there is no in between with him,” Brouwer joked. “Andrew Ladd was hitting the tanning bed before we left so he was cheating. I don’t tan that great so I had a lot of sun screen on so I tried not to get burnt.”