Burish, Sharp steal show in Hawks' win

They are bickering roommates on the road and they stared each other down rooting for their respective countries in the Olympics, but on the ice together, Adam Burish and Patrick Sharp stole the show Wednesday night in a 3-2 overtime win over Los Angeles.

Burish spent about five seconds on the ice, in his very first shift of the season, before assisting his good friend on the game’s first goal. A few seconds later, he fought Rich Clune and the Hollywood script started to write itself. Who gets a point and a fight on their first shift of the season, in game 66? Adam Burish, that’s who.

“When he got the assist it was just like one of those things where you shake your head and say, ‘That shouldn’t be happening,’ Sharp said after scoring his second of the night to win the game. “But then he drops the gloves right in front of us like 20 seconds later and you’re like, ‘There’s the real ‘Bur’ [Burish] we know.’”

Sharp was sure not to whiff on the set-up by Burish from behind the Kings goal -- not after his buddy waited five months for the chance.

“He would’ve had a few things to say, and I almost did miss it,” Sharp said. “It was a storybook return for him. To contribute with the assist and the fight right away, it was awesome.”

Burish relayed a conversation he and Sharp had before the game.

“We were talking about last year when he came back from his knee injury,” Burish explained. “He said, ‘You know Adam, my first game was against L.A. when I came back. I had two goals in that first game so you have a lot to live up to.’ And so I get back to the bench after the assist and serving the five minute penalty and he says, ‘I think you got me. That’s cooler than two goals.’ So that was fun. I had a great time.”

Burish said his surgically repaired knee felt no ill effects after playing 7:34. In fact, he claims he’s better than ever. At least one teammate is thrilled he’s back.

“He’s a great teammate and a great friend,” Sharp said. “I’m happy he’s back. He puts a smile on my face. Don’t tell him I said this but I’m a better player when he’s around.”

And the Hawks are a better team.


  • Burish said he appreciated all the signs recognizing his return, except for one. “I saw one that said, ‘Burish, my grandma is pregnant.’ I didn’t know what that meant. What was he trying to say?” Burish joked.