Quenneville mum on plans for Huet

If Joel Quenneville plans to start Cristobal Huet in the Blackhawks' final two games, he isn't letting on. Bill Smith/Getty Images

If Joel Quenneville has any plans on playing Cristobal Huetin one of the final three games of the regular season, he isn’t saying. It’s still a “day-to-day” decision, Quenneville said, before the Chicago Blackhawks took on the St. Louis Blues on Wednesday night.

One thing he is sure of is his lineup, especially his bangers and crashers.

"Our rotation [of] the four lines has been better than we've seen for a long stretch of games here this year," Quenneville said. "That group [fourth line] has been sparking us right now."

Colin Fraser, Tomas Kopecky, Ben Eager, and Adam Burish have all had multiple-point games over the past 10 days, and that has solidified a group that had been struggling for parts of the season.

Quenneville also said he likes how his defensive pairs are coming around despite not having Brian Campbell and Kim Johnsson. Campbell is on target for a return later in the playoffs while Johnsson remains out after being involved in a collision on March 13 in Phildelphia. Quenneville indicated there is no timetable for his return.

"Not right now," Quenneville said. "We haven't seen him on the ice. Once we see him on the ice it will give us a better indication, but he’s still a little ways away here."

The Hawks have been calling him day to day for over three weeks. Quenneville admitted, obviously, it’s a more serious injury than that.

"Yes, it is," Quenneville said. "It is a long time, and I can’t give you a good answer on when we'll see him back."

Quenneville also admitted to some scoreboard watching as the Hawks try to figure out who they might play in round one of the postseason.

"You're always looking at potential candidates," Quenneville said. "Right now, it looks like four teams are in that mix. The picture changes every day. Who knows what it will look like come Sunday?"

And while achieving some franchise records such as most victories and points, now is not the time to celebrate.

"Maybe at some point you can look back and say we had a fun year this year, but we still have a lot of work to do," Quenneville said.