Eager doesn't take bait from Janssen

Most nights when the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues get together things turn ugly. And that’s usually when the game has some meaning.

Take some meaning away and look out.

On Tuesday, the Blues were eliminated from playoff contention which meant an ornerier than usual group would take the ice against the Hawks on Wednesday. They didn’t disappoint.

"It's always a pretty intense game,” the Hawks' Ben Eager said after the game. "We figured it would be again tonight. They have nothing to play for but they play hard."

Eager's current nemesis on the Blues is Cam Janssen. They fought last week in St. Louis and almost came to blows in this game.

"He pretty much has asked me to fight every shift of my career. I didn't think it was the time or place," Eager said. "We have playoffs around the corner. There's no point in getting in a pointless fight and the majority of fights against that guy are pointless, so I just tried to play a good game and stay healthy for the playoffs."

Eager and Janssen took coincidental roughing calls five minutes into the game and when the penalties expired, the two players had different things on their minds.

"I think he was looking for a fight coming out of the box," Eager said. "I just went to the net and was fortunate to be in the right spot at the right time."

Eager scored on a rebound goal despite having to skate further than Janssen out of the box to get to the puck.

"It's not too hard to beat him," Eager said with a smile. "It felt good."