'Green Men' amuse Blackhawks

VANCOUVER -- If a heckler in Nashville bothered Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith enough to get a squirt in the face from a water bottle, then what's going to happen when Vancouver's "Green Men" get their act going with the Hawks in town?

Keith, while he was sitting in the penalty box in Nashville, squirted a heckler, and the incident caught the attention of the NHL, which decided not to punish Keith.

The "Green Men", wearing a one-piece, green-nylon suit, mime and mock whoever is in the penalty box at GM Place .

"I don't think anyone really gets on your nerves when you're in the penalty box," said Keith, who said he was having fun with the heckler in Nashville. "It's kind of funny when they're talking to you. You can tell they get excited about it.

"I saw it on TV, the 'Green Guys,' or whatever they are. It's pretty funny."

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