Quenneville on the state of the Hawks

Joel Quenneville discussed various subjects during his news conference. Here are a few:

On his message to his team: Quenneville indicated that with so much turnover there will be a "competitiveness" to this camp and "opportunity" for new players to make the club. He'll stress to the new guys that Chicago is a "special place to play."

Post championship year: Quenneville reiterated that he has talked to other coaches who have won championships about how to handle the following year.

"We want to make sure throughout training camp we get a good gauge of what's going on," he said. "As you approach the season you are guarded for that hangover or looking if there is something wrong, but I think the guys at some point and time get engaged more. The freshness and newness of the guys coming in can alleviate that concern [as well]. Hopefully that's the case."

For his returning young stars: Quenneville will stress there is still room for development.

Team Health: "Right now I think we are as clean as we've ever been."