Scott exchanges punches, and the belt

Bryan Bickell was awarded the Hawks' belt, and it didn't hurt that he rooms with John Scott. Bill Smith/Getty Images

The Blackhawks were back on the ice Thursday, preparing for their Friday home game against the Vancouver Canucks.

Here are some news and notes from practice:

John Scott

Scott fought for the second consecutive game against St. Louis on Tuesday. He took on Cam Janssen in a long, drawn out bout.

"He does that all the time," Scott said. "He says, ‘Keep it going, keep it going,' but he's just as tired as I am. I think he just does it for show, but it was a good fight. Probably the longest fight I've been in, in a while. I was exhausted near the end of it. I could have kept going, but it seemed like both of us were just gassed.

"He cranked me with a couple of good ones at the end when I got tired, but we'll fight again and hopefully have a better outcome."

After beating up Kevin Westgarth of the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday, Scott was given the championship belt the team gives out after each win, to the player of the game. The winner of the belt chooses the next recipient.

Despite big nights from several Hawks, including a career-high four points from Tomas Kopecky, Scott gave the belt to Bryan Bickell after the Hawks' 7-5 victory over the Blues on Tuesday.

"He's been playing well lately," Scott explained of his decision. "He's never really been in a checking role, and I think he's done pretty well. Obviously, last game I didn't know he was a dash three [minus-3], so I kind of got a little heat for that."

But what about all those Hawks who earned multiple points?

"I kind of had my mind made up after the second period," Scott said. "Bicks [Bickell] has been playing well. He's been shutting down the other team's top line and logging a lot of minutes. I figured I'd give him a little boost.

"I got the belt. I have to think about who is playing well. Kopy [Tomas Kopecky] was on my mind, but Bicks and I are roommates."

Boynton Fight

Several fans have wondered about the timing of Nick Boynton's scrap with BJ Crombeen soon after the Hawks went up 5-1 on the Blues Tuesday night. Those fights can energize the trailing team. Joel Quenneville didn't disagree.

"That's something you can talk about as a team, and the timing of that is something that is important in momentum and keeping it as long as you can," he said. "I think that's something if you can avoid it, the need was probably more pressing for them at that time."

Jordan Hendry

Defenseman Jordan Hendry hasn't seen action since November 7. Quenneville was asked if he might see ice time considering the Hawks' fifth and sixth defensemen might be struggling.

"He's a part of it and will get a chance to play," Quenneville said. "Sometimes you look at opponents, sometimes you look at the records, sometimes you look at health. [It's a] variety of reasons you make decisions like that, but it's a valid point or suggestion and something to consider."

All-Star Ballot

Patrick Sharp is not on the All-Star ballot despite ranking fourth in the league in goals with 16.

"He should be on that ballot for sure," Quenneville said. "He had a great start to the season and has earned every opportunity to be considered and deserving to be on the team."

Vegas Update

Players confirmed a report in the Las Vegas Journal that one of them wore an Iron Man outfit to a team party in Las Vegas, during the last road trip. But no one was willing to spill the news on who the masked man was.

"It definitely wasn't me," Jack Skille said. "It goes back to the saying whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Prankster Sharp

Patrick Sharp promised to reveal a prank or two that he pulled now that the Circus Trip is over.

"I'll give you a mild one," Sharp said. "Brian Campbell and I got into it one day, so I came in off the ice a little bit early and dipped his socks in the cold tub so he had freezing cold water in his dress socks for a flight out West."

Pisani Update

Fernando Pisani remained off the ice due to an upper-body injury suffered against Anaheim last Friday. He's missed the last two games and is day-to-day.

The Last Word

The last time the Hawks took on the Vancouver Canucks, head coach Alain Vigneault more than implied the Hawks were trying to run up the score during a 5-on-3 power play. Quenneville denied the claim, saying he was just rolling out his regular lines and was backed up by the fact that Nick Boynton was on the ice. Boynton is not normally on either power play unit.

"I just know our intentions were just the opposite of what we got accused of from my point of view," Quenneville said.