Hawks stay in Ohio for blizzard

The Chicago Blackhawks made it home safely from Columbus following their 7-4 victory Tuesday night, though they had to stay over in Ohio, only leaving after practicing at Nationwide Arena Wednesday morning.

They’ll have a short turnaround before heading to Vancouver early Thursday afternoon while conducting a late afternoon practice when they arrive.
They’ll take on the Canucks Friday night in a measuring-stick game.

Brouwer Fights

Troy Brouwer dropped the gloves, Tuesday night against Columbus, for just the second time this season. He fought defenseman Marc Methot. So why Tuesday?

“A hit like that on [Patrick] Kane..and even how [Brent] Seabrook went into the boards,” Brouwer explained on Wednesday. “We just needed to get the momentum back I guess. I actually wanted to go after him a little bit earlier but didn’t want to take an instigator penalty.”

Brouwer hadn’t fought since Nov. 24 against Ryane Clowe on San Jose.

“It’s a little nerve racking,” he said. “You start to think you’re out of practice and you’re not quite sure what coming. It’s nice to stay a little sharp in the fighting game I guess.”

Brouwer said there may have been a lot of fist swinging, and it “looked good”, but no damage was done.

Hendry sits

Nick Leddy was paired with Nick Boynton as the Hawks' third pairing on defense. It’s the same pair that dressed before the all-star break after Leddy and Jordan Hendry had played a successful stretch of games together.

Joel Quenneville said he wanted to see how that duo fared and expounded on his reasoning of playing Boynton.

“Whether it’s a little bit more abrasiveness, that’s kind of what we’ve been looking for when Nick [Boynton] came back in the lineup,” Quenneville said. “I think Nick has done a decent job.”

In other words, Quenneville likes Boynton’s potential for physical play, though its Hendry who is the better skater.

“Maybe it’s tougher with two left-handed shots, so maybe they wanted to see how they played with a lefty and a righty,” Hendry said.

When Leddy and Hendry are together, it’s Leddy that plays on his off-side while with Boynton he plays a natural left defense.

Lights out

For the second time in less than a month the Hawks had to finish the previous period of play before starting the new one, this time due to the lights dimming at Nationwide arena, with 0:39 remaining in the second period on Tuesday.

“In both instances I would have preferred playing that out,” Joel Quenneville said. “When you’re ahead, you’d rather do it the right way. But we did have an offensive zone faceoff with a fresh sheet of ice.”

The teams played the final 39 seconds of the second period after the intermission, and the return of the lights. The horn sounded and a faceoff at center ice started the third period.

Jake Dowell sat out practice after blocking a shot with his skate. Quenneville declared him “ok” and he should be fine for the next game.