Hawks eager for Frolik's arrival

EDMONTON, Alberta -- Most of the Chicago Blackhawks don't know much about Michael Frolik, but they’re looking forward to seeing him up close.

“We’re kind of excited to see what we’re getting as far as the player coming in,” Jonathan Toews said. “I hear he has a lot of skill and upside around the net.”

Frolik had back-to-back 21 goal seasons to start his career, something general manager Stan Bowman noted “doesn’t happen often.” Patrick Kane is impressed as well.

“Frolik is a pretty good player,” Kane said after the Hawks 4-1 win over Edmonton on Wednesday. “I’ve played against him and seen some of his highlights. He’s going to help our team.”

Skille gone: Though it was obvious Jack Skille was fitting into Joel Quenneville’s plans less and less, Quenneville had optimistic words upon his departure.

“I think Jack has some upside to his game,” Quenneville said. “He has all the attributes to be successful player. Maybe he didn’t get a great chance [in terms] of quantity or quality of ice time but I thought he did a great job in the role.”

Stan Bowman correctly pointed out Skille’s position worked against him.

“Jack’s strength is on the right side,” Bowman said. “We have [Patrick] Kane and [Marian] Hossa on our top six. Kind of a tough nut to crack there for him. Jack’s been a right winger his whole career and he certainly has ability. But he wasn’t the best fit with the other players here.”

Bowman, Tallon make a deal: Just as Stan Bowman made a deal with a former Hawks employee -- Rick Dudley -- last summer, he did it again, this time with his former boss.

“Not sure if it’s different than any other general manager,” Bowman said. “It certainly helped he [Tallon] knew the player and I think it also helped us in the sense that this is a guy [Frolik] that we followed for a while.”