Could Kane be switched to center?

DETROIT -- Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville dropped an interesting nugget as he met the media following the 4-3 shootout loss to the Detroit Red Wings on Sunday. In discussing a thin center position for his team, Quenneville said Patrick Kane is being considered for that role.

“We might try Kaner at center,” Quenneville said. “He’s been playing some center throughout scrimmages and practices, so we’ll see.”

If moved to center, Kane would have to play both ends of the ice. He’s not known for his defense, but Quenneville believes he could handle it.

“Absolutely,” Quennville said. “He played center most of his career and I think defensively he got better down low and along the walls. It’s something we are going to take a look at.”

When asked if Kane was interested in the move, Quenneville said, “He was not complaining.”

The idea is a double-edged sword. Kane is a playmaker more than a pure scorer which fits a centerman’s role like a glove. However, the physical aspects and defensive responsibilities might take away from his offensive prowess. And can he win a key faceoff?

If it’s to happen it would behoove the Hawks to try it in the final three exhibition games. It would give them an idea if it’s even feasible but it remains a risky proposition. However, if successful, it would allow Kane to take his game to another level distributing the puck from the middle of the ice.