Five Questions with Ray Emery

Ray Emery looks to teammate John Scott to provide some laughs. "He's a comedian," Emery said. Dennis Wierzbicki/US Presswire

CALGARY -- In a new regular feature, we’ll ask Hawks’ players five random questions to get to know more about the person and the player.

Here are Five Questions with goalie Ray Emery:

1. What would you do if a guy ran you like Milan Lucic of Boston did to Ryan Miller of Buffalo?: “It depends on the situation, but I don’t think I’d do too much though. Depends on what the score was or how the game was going. I wouldn’t go to the other end to get their goaltender. I might take care of the guy myself, but I would let my teammates handle it.”

2. Which one of your new teammates is kind of interesting to you? Or a little out there?: “John Scott is pretty funny. He’s a comedian. He tries to crack everyone up. He’s a funny guy.”

3. What is your favorite road city?: “I’d have to say L.A. The weather and the atmosphere, I like a lot.”

4. Rate the “Movember” mustaches in the locker room: “Steve Montador is the best. It’s all downhill from there. Does Kane even have one?”

5. When was the last time either on the bench or in net you had to go to the bathroom in a game?: “On the bench I do it a lot actually because I drink so much water and you’re not sweating so you have to go. I think a week ago maybe. In net, I think playoffs in 2007 I did it once. You have to wait for a television timeout. Sometimes in the first period I really have to go, and I have to wait because I drink a lot right before the game. But it hasn’t happened in a while.”