Hawks hope Vegas can change fortunes

EDMONTON, Alberta -- Despite awful back-to-back losses, Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville has no immediate plans to change the Hawks’ scheduled two days of rest and relaxation. The team is flying to Las Vegas after losing to the Edmonton Oilers 9-2 on Saturday.

“I don’t think there is a change right now,” Quenneville said after the game.

The team doesn’t play again until Wednesday in San Jose and isn’t scheduled to practice again until Tuesday. Can the time off actually help after two bad losses?

“It does but it also gives you some time to regroup,” goalie Ray Emery said. “It’s a balance between getting it off your mind and remembering so you can fix it.”

For the record, the Hawks have done these types of “side” trips before. Last season, they went to Las Vegas as well after defeating the Vancouver Canucks 7-1 on the annual November road trip. In the 2010 playoffs against San Jose the Hawks went to San Francisco on a day off.

“We haven’t had a super difficult schedule as far as teams,” Sean O'Donnell said. “I’m hoping these two losses kind of wake us up a little bit. It’s good to get away.”