5 Questions With ... Viktor Stalberg

Viktor Stalberg says he and Niklas Hjalmarsson are avid viewers of the TV show "Storage Wars" on the road. Rob Grabowski/US Presswire

It’s time for another edition of 5 Questions. This week, Blackhawks forward Viktor Stalberg answers ...

  • Do you ever sing along with either the American or Canadian National Anthems before the game?: Not really. I’d be a little weary I think. I don’t think anyone sings openly. Not that I’ve seen. Maybe in their heads.

  • What are you thinking about during the anthem?: I just kind of stand there and look at the flag, look in the crowd a little bit. Just try to get myself excited about the game. It’s not too hard with the fans going crazy.

  • Who is the worst dresser on the team?: Sean O’Donnell wears some big suits. There’s really no one terrible in terms of street clothes but in suits he has an old school look to it.

  • What’s your favorite American television show?: Right now, [Niklas] Hjalmarsson and I watch a lot of “Storage Wars.” We’re watching a lot of that on the road.

  • You’ve played with Jonathan Toews a lot over the last two years. What’s the worst he’s been mad at you?: [Laughing] He’s constantly mad at me so I don’t know if there is a worst. He gets frustrated sometimes. He wants to win so badly you really can’t take it personally. He gets excited in games and sometimes gets lost out there in his own frustration. He’s great though.