Five Questions With ... Patrick Sharp

Patrick Sharp and his wife brought daughter Madelyn Grace home from the hospital on Sunday. Damen Jackson/Icon SMI

It’s time for another edition of Five Questions With ... This week is a special baby edition with new dad Patrick Sharp. He and his wife brought daughter Madelyn Grace home from the hospital on Sunday.

1. Which teammate would you allow to babysit your daughter and who would you forbid?: The last person I would pick would be Duncan Keith, for multiple reasons. He doesn’t know what day it is, doesn’t know when the next game is. He’s clueless. I trust some of the older guys. Sean O’Donnell is like a father figure. I love listening to him talk. His voice could put me to sleep. Some of the younger guys, I’d probably stay away from little man Kane. Stalberg would probably try to use my daughter as a tool to pick up chicks, but he’d take good care of her so maybe Stalberg.

2. Along the line of the last question, knowing who has the hands to score around here, who do you trust to hold your baby or not hold your baby?: If I bring Madelyn to the rink I’m going to keep her out of Dan Carcillo and John Scott’s cement hands. Little man Kane with his baby soft hands can hold her anytime he wants. You know what, Marcus Kruger. He’s got good hands and good patience so I would pass her off to him as well.

3. Easier to score on Antti Niemi or change a diaper?: Probably change a diaper. I got a couple lucky ones on Antti but changing a diaper isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Just have to put a mask on, plug the nose a little bit and go to work.

4. Has she spit up on any Hawks apparel yet like Kane’s jersey?: No, not yet. We have lots of little mini-jerseys and onesies that she’ll be wearing. I don’t think she’s worn any Hawks apparel yet, but she’ll be spitting up on it soon enough.

5. Has anyone come to visit yet?: Some of the other wives and girlfriends have come over. I know Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith have been dying to come over and see her but my wife Abbey said no. But they’ll be the first ones to come for sure.