Quenneville says refs blew calls on goals

CHICAGO -- It’s not often Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville is critical of the officiating, but that didn’t stop him from sounding off after the Hawks 2-0 loss to the Los Angeles Kings on Wednesday night.

“Clearly, the refereeing tonight was tough to watch,” he said after the game.

Replays of the Kings’ two goals showed Quenneville has a point, though the second score was a much more obvious blown call than the first one.

On the first tally, as Corey Crawford was searching for the puck during a goal-mouth scramble in the second period, Kyle Clifford briefly tripped onto him. It’s exactly when Trent Hunter grabbed the puck and scored.

When asked if goaltender interference should have been called, Quenneville simply said “yes.”

“Both goals should have been called something,” he went on. “Infractions on both their goals.”

If the first goal was murky, the second one was clear: Justin Williams took the feet out from under Nick Leddy as Leddy was guarding him near the Hawks’ crease. The ensuing sequence allowed Jarret Stoll to score with Leddy still scrambling to recover.

“And slew foot,” Quenneville said of the missed penalty on that play.

“Slew foot” is taking the skates out from under a player with a kicking or leg dragging motion from behind. It’s exactly what Williams did to Leddy, but no call came and the goal stood.