Another trip to Philly, still no Cup-winning puck

Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville and forward Patrick Kane didn’t exactly send out a search party upon arriving in Philadelphia Wednesday evening, but they did discuss the infamous missing puck which Kane shot past former Flyers goalie Michael Leighton to win the Stanley Cup finals in 2010.

They still wonder where it went after Kane scored and pandemonium erupted.

“I was trying to find some information but came up with same answer, nobody knows,” Quenneville said before his team’s 5-4 loss to the Flyers on Thursday.

After several investigations since that night, June 9, 2010, most believe linesman Steve Miller had at least a hand in its disappearance. Pictures show him reaching for the puck after Kane scored.

“Who knows,” Kane said. “From what I heard the linesman had it last and brought it off the ice. After that who knows what really happened. Hopefully it’s not in the garbage or demolished somewhere. Hopefully it shows up at some point and time.”

Danny Briere is one of a handful of Flyers left from the team that lost to the Hawks in six games. The garbage is about where Briere would like the puck to be.

“I haven’t seen it around here and I don’t care much for it to be honest,” he said smiling. “It’s probably in the trash somewhere.”

So the mystery continues. The puck that ended the Hawks’ 49-year drought has to be somewhere, but it’s anyone’s guess where.