Toews offers support to 'still-learning' Kane

Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews expressed “support” for teammate Patrick Kane as NHL players gathered in Chicago for a round of meetings in advance of negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement.

Toews was asked about Kane’s weekend in Madison, Wis. in early May where he was photographed in unflattering moments while partying at a Cinco De Mayo celebration.

“He’s still learning,” Toews said. “It’s unfortunate, now people are looking for that sort of thing. We just want him to know we’re supporting him. I’m sure he’s being very hard on himself right now. [I’d tell him] just to hang in there. I think with time it will go away again and he’ll be able to focus on hockey again.”

Toews wasn’t necessarily buying the idea that Kane needs to keep a lower profile, but admitted Kane is different than most people.

“People want to get to know him and the next thing you know you’re under a microscope,” Toews said. “There’s a lot of 23-, 24-year-old kids out there having a great time and they don’t have to worry about that sort of thing. He does. It’s tough. It’s tough on him.”

Toews intimated Kane’s flair for the game and personality off the ice make him someone people want to meet.

“There’s no doubt Kane has that personality that people are drawn towards him,” Toews said. “He’s an interesting guy.”