Hossa thinks he'll be ready for camp

CHICAGO -- Marian Hossa says he thinks he’ll be ready for the Chicago Blackhawks' training camp and is showing no ill effects from the postseason blow to the head he suffered in April.

“It could be different on the ice when I get my first hit but so far, without contact, I’m doing everything at a high level,” Hossa said Friday at the opening of the annual fan

convention. “I don’t have any problems so far.”

Hossa was hit in the head by Raffi Torres in Game 3 of the Hawks quarterfinal series against the Phoenix Coyotes. He left on a stretcher and didn’t play in another game in the series.

“I didn’t have to rush anything, that was the most important thing,” Hossa said. “I took my time. I took a long time to just calm down and relax… Things are right now are on the level where I want it to be and I’m happy where I am so far.”

Torres was suspended for 25 games but the penalty was reduced on appeal to 21. Hossa says he is no longer mad at Torres and is just looking forward to the season.

“The way I feel right now I believe I’ll be ready for camp,” Hossa said.