Podcast: Melrose likes Hawks' continuity

Barry Melrose joined "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on Wednesday and talked about how impressed he is with the Blackhawks' hot start and why he thinks they've been so good.

"This team is basically the same team that finished last year. They added a few sort of secondary parts, but overall it's basically the same team, and the teams that have done that have started pretty good -- St. Louis has started good, Boston has started good. The teams that didn't make a lot of changes have all started pretty good.

"And why should we be surprised by this team? They won the Stanley Cup a couple years ago. And then they're looking like the team that won the Stanley Cup.

"Patrick Kane is probably playing the best hockey he's played in a couple years. They have some secondary scoring on the third and fourth lines, the defense is a little deeper and Crawford has been great in net. The kid struggled last year in the playoffs and has been great in the regular season."