Melrose tackles Blackhawks vs. Heat debate

ESPN NHL analyst Barry Melrose never has been shy to discuss his admiration of the Chicago Blackhawks, and that was evident during Thursday's SportsCenter after the Hawks increased their NHL record streak to 20 games without a regulation loss.

Melrose was asked whether he can make a case that the Hawks, rather than the Miami Heat, who have won 12 straight, are the best team in sports.

"Make a case? I would hammer the Harvard debating team with this question," Melrose said. "Are you kidding?

"Chicago -- no training camp.

"Chicago -- playing in the Central Division, the toughest division in the NHL, four teams might make the Stanley Cup playoffs out of the Central Division. So obviously they may have the toughest schedule in the NHL.

"They use two goaltenders. No other team has done this with two goaltenders. Basically half and half. And tonight, to win their 20th game, they used them both in the same game.

"Kane, Toews, Hossa, Seabrook, Keith, it's an All-Star team. This is the best team in sports, the most dominant team in sports right now.

"They're shattering everything in the NHL."