'It's just fun right now' for Hawks

CHICAGO -- As "Chelsea Dagger" played its Da-Da-Da and the euphoria in the stands roared at Stanley Cup decibels, a TV camera panned to Daniel Carcillo on the bench looking up at himself on the scoreboard. His piano key smile briefly transformed the rugged forward from Hockey Menace to Dennis the Menace.

It wasn't over, but Carcillo and 21,531 of his closest friends knew he had just won the game, rebounding a shot right in front of the net with less than a minute to go. An unlikely hero to say the least. It was his first goal of the season.

With that goal, the Blackhawks extended their record points streak with a 3-2 victory over the Colorado Avalanche.

What was Carcillo, who was playing only his ninth game of the season thanks to injury, feeling at that exact moment?

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