Sveum marvels at Hawks' triple-OT win

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Cubs clubhouse was buzzing with Chicago Blackhawks talk after one of the most compelling games in NHL playoff history on Wednesday night.

Cubs manager and hockey fan Dale Sveum loved the mind-over-matter mentality of players pushing themselves to the limit in the Hawks' triple-overtime 4-3 victory over the Boston Bruins in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals.

"Even without the overtime it was probably the best hockey game I have ever seen," Sveum said. "Both teams came out pounding and hitting. The competition the whole night, let alone the first three periods was incredible. To be at that high pace for that many minutes and overtime for watching on TV, there is no doubt it was the best hockey game I have ever seen."

Sveum, a former first-round draft pick of the Milwaukee Brewers, knows what it takes to leave it all on the field, or in this case, the ice, in big games.

"Those are the things you marvel at because in hockey there is no one on the ice that can take one second off or all hell could break lose," he said. "People do that in other sports. Not that you really take it off, but in football if the play isn't going your way half the line can take it off. In hockey the five guys or sometime four or three guys are nonstop. That is what makes that sport so great you can't take one second off."