Seconds to a second Cup: An oral history

Bryan Bickell celebrates his game-tying goal with Jonathan Toews and Michal Handzus. AP Photo/Charles Krupa

CHICAGO -- It will be 17 seconds never forgotten in Chicago Blackhawks history. On the verge of needing a Game 7 to win the Stanley Cup, the Hawks turned back the Boston Bruins in Game 6 on Monday with two improbable goals late in the third period.

Bryan Bickell's goal tied the game at 2-2 with 1:16 remaining, and, while many fans were still celebrating that goal, Dave Bolland beat Tuukka Rask for a shocking 3-2 lead with 59 seconds remaining.

From management to coaches to players to fans alike, everyone had a different perspective on the moments that secured the Hawks their second Stanley Cup championship in four years:

Jonathan Toews: I remember saying to [Patrick] Kane and [Bryan Bickell] on the bench with like two minutes left, I just had a feeling we were going score. Sure enough, Bicks puts one home. I don't know how to explain it. Seventeen seconds later and Bolly [Dave Bolland] puts one home. You look up at the clock and there's 58 seconds left and you're like, "OK, well, we have to kill that off somehow." As crazy as those 17 seconds were, you never know, they could come right back and get a lucky one on you, too. I remember just tripping down the ice trying to get the puck in their empty net. I ended up just shoveling it down; I saw the time on the clock at the end and saw there was only three seconds left. That's when I couldn't believe, just the turn of events, and it was over and the Cup was ours.

Joel Quenneville: Amazing. Didn't see that one coming. We watched it on the plane. It was such an amazing two minutes. A lot of things went right. You heard Kane talk about the quality of the ice. We had to think we had to get ugly goals to be effective.

Bickell: Just a good battle in the corner, and I took a big loop then I found open ice and Tazer [Toews] slid it through [Zdeno] Chara's feet. And I hammered it. I didn't really pick a spot. I knew if I hit it hard enough hopefully it would go through the goal, and I was happy it went in. Seventeen seconds later to do what we did was crazy.

Bolland: I still can't believe it. It's always a kid's dream to score that goal. I did it. It's big. I think I'll ride with it right now.

Daniel Carcillo (healthy scratch): We were in the room. We tied it up, so we were all celebrating. We had no idea what happened. We look back at the television, and we're up one and we're all scrambling to get ready to get back on the ice. It happened pretty quickly, but a pretty cool experience.

Hawks media relations manager Brandon Faber: I didn't watch the last 10 minutes of the game because I was too nervous. I was alone in a room. I could hear healthy scratch guys. I heard them cheer, and that's when I ran in there. Then I went back to the other room. Nobody in there, and we scored again.

General manager Stan Bowman: I was still optimistic we were going to get our chances. We've been a very good team at coming back. Even last year in the playoffs, we scored two goals with the goalie pulled against Phoenix.

Patrick Sharp: When we scored, my first thought was "Yeah, maybe we have a chance to win this again in overtime." And I was joking with Kane telling him how jealous of him I was in 2010. When Bicks scored to tie it up, I thought this was my chance to get him back and score one in overtime and steal it from him. But Bolly beat me to it. Couldn't be happier to see Bolly score there. I thought it was funny that he dropped the gloves, just pure excitement. He didn't know what to do -- none of us knew what to do.

Bolland: I couldn't get my glove out [from Johnny Boychuk], so I ripped my glove off and celebrated.

Bickell: We were still celebrating on the bench [my goal]. "OK, we're tied up we're going to OT." I looked up at the JumboTron. I saw it hit the post and then Bolly. Kind of surreal, that just really happened. We started celebrating again.

Bowman: We scored the goal -- and I've talked to a few other people -- it's almost a shock to everyone. The Bruins were shocked and then before you know it they blow the whistle and they're ready to drop the puck and I think that sort of played into our benefit. We just kept going. That was sort of the symbol for our team: We were relentless all year long.

Quenneville: Some people said, that were watching the game, they thought it was a replay of the first goal. They might have missed that one. There were a lot of crazy moments. It was an amazing turn of events.

Marcus Kruger (on ice with Bolland): I don't know what happened there. We scored [the first goal]. We got on the ice and we just tried to shut the [David] Krejci line down but we found a way to score.

I don't remember anything after that. He throws his gloves away and I didn't know what to do really. Everything got quiet, we didn't know, is it really a goal? Some defensemen came in and said "Calm down -- it's one minute left."

I was on the ice after that and I felt like I need to get off the ice because I don't know what I'm doing out there. Something might happen, I think me and Bolly were still so excited about the goal I think we changed after like 20 seconds or something.

Brent Seabrook: I was sitting on the bench getting ready for overtime. I think a lot of the guys were. Nobody thought we'd win it then. It was crazy and exciting.

Broadcaster Eddie Olczyk: After they tied it, I was thinking about [Tyler] Seguin hitting the post with 2:24 left in the third period. It could have been 3-1, and here we are at 2-2. Thought [Bruins coach Claude] Julien might call a timeout and gather the troops.

Bill Pritchard (keeper of the Stanley Cup): I have been traveling with the Cup for 25 years and never have we seen anything like that. We started packing things up and getting ready. We need to be out quickly because of superstitions of course. Our vehicle is inside the arena, so we're telling people we'll see them in Chicago. Then someone says they scored. "Who scored?" I said. "Chicago, it's tied." OK, so we'll see what happens. Then someone says again, they scored and we're like "we know." "No, the Hawks scored again." If they're doing a book that should be the name: "Seventeen Seconds."

Corey Crawford: It was pretty crazy, probably the craziest finish you'll ever see. It was nuts.

Toews: It was similar in the way Kaner scored that goal in 2010. You can't believe it's actually over until the Stanley Cup comes out and you take it. There is no going back from that. It was pretty surreal for a few moments there.

Bickell: I saw some YouTube videos of fans and they were celebrating after I scored and then they didn't know we actually scored again. And they went crazy. It was an unbelievable feeling.

Season-ticket holder Steve Cohen: My kids were yelling so loud we didn't know what happened after the first goal. Was it a replay? No, they scored again.

Bolland: I guess you don't have to have a memory about it, you're going to see it all the time.

Bowman: For whatever reason, we have the ability to not panic in those situations. We just always looked full steam ahead. We never took time to acknowledge what we accomplished or sat back. We were always looking ahead. It was sort of a fitting ending because we really weren't thinking of overtime, we were thinking let's win the next shift. We did that and then the next shift after that we didn't give up a chance after that. I think it was sort of a fitting ending to a fabulous season.