Bollig creates buzz with Kane parody video

CHICAGO -- Chicago Blackhawks forward Brandon Bollig has given more interviews this preseason than probably all of last season.

Best known for knocking opponents around, Bollig has been a popular player among the media in the past few weeks for other reasons. First, he was being asked about his preseason knack for scoring. And now, he's been handling questions about a video he shot parodying Patrick Kane's Bauer video.

If you haven't seen Kane's video -- few haven't at this point with it up to nearly 2.4 million views -- he showcases his superior stickhandling skills by weaving one puck around many pucks. Here's the link.

After watching Kane's video, an idea popped into Bollig's head.

"I just saw Kaner's, and everyone's obviously impressed by that," Bollig said on Thursday. "That's something pretty special. I figured him being who he is and who I am and my role, and I thought it'd be funny to do a parody of it."

Bollig took that idea to Blackhawks TV and made it a reality. In the video, Bollig displays his own stickhandling skills, or lack thereof. Here's Bollig's video.

"It was a lot of fun," Bollig said. "There weren't too many times that this would happen, but it did happen. I was doing too good at it, and they'd say you got to kind of mess up a little bit to make it more funny. It wasn't too hard to do that obviously."

Bollig made sure Kane was among the first to see the finished product.

"We were watching it after practice on Monday, and I literally had tears coming out of my eyes watching it," Kane said.

Bollig said, "At least, he enjoyed it. It's cool to see people's reactions."

Bollig's video hasn't exactly gone viral yet, but it did have some buzz this week. Bollig's video had been seen more than 60,000 times on YouTube as of Thursday afternoon.

"Everyday since then people keep asking me about and talking about it and doing interviews about it, so it's been pretty cool," Bollig said.