Kane taking more notice of Crosby

CHICAGO -- Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane has been keeping a closer eye on Pittsburgh Penguins forward Sidney Crosby in recent weeks.

Kane and Crosby have been playing at another level than everyone else and have put themselves in a two-player race for the league lead in points. Crosby is first with 54 points and has 18 points over the last 10 games. Kane is second with 48 points and has recorded a point in 23 of his last 24 games. He has 37 points during that span.

“I think you know where each other are,” Kane said of the points’ race after Monday’s morning skate. “If you said otherwise, you’d probably be lying.”

Kane was unsure whether he’d be able to keep pace with Crosby for the entire season. Kane has never had more than 88 points in a season, but is currently on pace for 103 points. Crosby has had four seasons of 100-plus points.

“I don’t know (if I can keep up,)” Kane said. “First and foremost, you want to worry about yourself and not worry about what other guys are doing. Produce as much as you can personally. He’s a guy who always seems to be ahead of the pack. Even last year, I think he had some crazy numbers and he only played a certain amount of the games. He seems to produce at a very high pace.”

Another reason Kane has been more aware of Crosby lately is because he’s been watching more of Crosby. Kane has been impressed and even thought he could learn a few things from Crosby.

“I’ve watched a few of his games lately,” Kane said. “It seems like when he wants to take over the game he just does it. He’s fun to watch. He’s very skilled, very fast, always determined to make things happen whether it’s for himself or line mates. It’s probably good for me to watch a player like that. I can take some notes from him and learn some things, maybe incorporate it into my game. He’s a hell of a player.”