Crawford, Seabrook disappointed by Olympics snub

CHICAGO -- Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook got excited when he saw a familiar number on his phone Tuesday morning.

Seabrook thought he was going to be told he had been selected to Team Canada for the second consecutive Olympics. Moments later, he learned the caller was actually bringing bad news. He had been skipped over this time around.

While eight Blackhawks celebrated being named to their respective countries’ Olympic teams Tuesday, Seabrook and goaltender Corey Crawford discovered they had not been chosen. Both had participated in Canada’s orientation camp in August.

“It was a tough call this morning when I got the phone call, but you know Canada's got a lot of great players,” Seabrook said after practice Tuesday. “You saw the team they're putting out there. It's going to be a good team. I'm looking forward to watching, maybe having a few beers and relaxing over the break.”

Crawford had also been hopeful of making the team. He hadn’t been selected to participate in the Olympics before.

“Yeah, it's pretty disappointing,” Crawford said. “It was definitely a goal of mine. I didn't make it, so move on, focus on our team and winning hockey games here.”

Crawford was unsure whether his recent lower-body injury affected his Olympic chances. He missed nearly a month of games due to the injury.

“I don't know,” Crawford said. “I have no clue what they were thinking, if that was a factor or not. They know how I can play. So, really, I don't know. I can't say if it was or not.”

Their teammates expressed their disappointment for Crawford and Seabrook. Duncan Keith was hoping to share another Olympics with his defensive pairing.

“It’s tough not to see Seabs get the invite,” Keith said. “I think he was obviously right there. A lot of good D-men. You know it’s tough. Obviously he was there last time. He’s had a great season. I don’t think he could have done anything more. It is what it is. I’m sure they had a lot of tough decisions.”

Seabrook tried to look at the positives of the situation. He thought the break would allow him to rest and help the team more when play starts back up.

“Yeah, we got 10 guys going, so it's a lot of players that are going to the Olympics,” Seabrook said. “We're going to need the guys that are getting the rest to be ready when things resume again.”