Q feels fortunate Kane, Toews re-signed

Count Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville among those ecstatic to have Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews re-signed to long-term contract extensions.

"It's great news for the organization, good news for the coaching staff, great news for the players and the fans and the team going forward," Quenneville said on "The Coach Q Show" on WGN-720 AM on Wednesday morning. "I think it's a great deal for everyone, and we're happy to have them.

"It benefits everybody. It says a lot about what kind of guys these guys are ... I guess the way they've gelled in the community and been a part of Chicago sports history in a short amount of time is special. I think everybody should take part of that responsibility. Hey, they're a part of it here.

"Certainly we're very happy Jonny and Kaner chose to stay here long term and be Blackhawks forever, which is unique in today's league, today's game, so we're very fortunate. We see a lot of good things go forward with these two guys."

The Blackhawks announced last week Kane and Toews each signed eight-year contract extensions which will run through the 2022-23 season. Each contract is for $84 million with an average annual salary of $10.5 million, according to a source. They previously agreed to a five-year, $31.5 million extension which will end after next season.

Quenneville has coached Kane and Toews for six of their seven seasons. Together, they have made six consecutive playoff appearances, been to four Western Conference finals and won two Stanley Cups.

Quenneville believes Kane and Toews have put themselves in a unique situation throughout their careers.

"I don't think I've seen a tandem like this almost like basically every step of the way been at the same level, the same impact on the team, the community, basically hand in hand being at the same place," Quenneville said. "Usually there's maybe a differential how people view their contributions. But it's amazing how the parallels of the two guys have been incredibly similar right down to their existence here going forward. Two of the greatest players in the game, and they're going to be moving together, very unique in today's world."

As good as Kane and Toews are on the same team, Quenneville still believes the Blackhawks are most dangerous when they're not on the ice together.

"As a coach, you've got two great players," Quenneville said. "You know you have a lot of offense coming in a lot of different areas. I still think they like playing with one another. As a coach, it's almost like we like you playing together, but spread out it makes us a much better team and it's nice to have lot of options as you go throughout the year and as you go into the playoffs."