Five questions with Jimmy Hayes

It’s time for another edition of 5 Questions With ... Jimmy Hayes:

You’ve played six games with the Blackhawks. What was your welcome to the NHL moment?

Jimmy Hayes: I think the big moment was when we were in Philadelphia and Toews, Seabrook, Kane, Keith and Leddy, they all picked up the tab. It was cool to be out to dinner with those guys and that’s what they said to me, ‘welcome to the NHL.’

How hard has it been having the Boston accent in Chicago?

JH: Not too bad. My accent isn’t as bad as my mom and sisters because they’ve been out there the whole time. I moved away, to Ann Arbor and Lincoln, Nebraska. Went to prep school and stuff. They give me a hard time because it’s not as bad as theirs anymore.

So you’ve been up for six games, how nice was it to get your first NHL paycheck?

JH: I actually haven’t gotten my first paycheck yet but it’ll be a pretty nice paycheck so that’s cool. Can’t complain. The day I came up was like the day it [the pay period] ended. Hopefully this Friday.

Has your height ever been a bad thing for you?

JH: It’s always been a good thing. Girls get to say they get to wear their high-heels and never be taller than me. In sports it’s always been good to me. I attempted to play baseball and basketball and my height was good.

Any Rookie pranks pulled on you yet?

JH: Nah, but ask my boy Ben Smith here. He had a couple today.

Smith: My skate lace was cut when I came in here. It wasn’t Jimmy, he knows better. Sharp was around here and I took his locker stall [at Johnny’s icehouse]. I also had some tape over my visor. Sharpie is a suspect and John Scott. He’s on that list. He’s on my hit list too.