Rookie Shaw's "legend" growing on Twitter


Andrew Shaw (shawz15er) on Twitter via kwout

CHICAGO -- Like the career of the player himself, #ShawFacts has taken off.

If you’ve missed the latest twitter rage #ShawFacts, it’s an ode to the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World" TV commercials. And it’s just adding to the legend that is Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw.

“It’s pretty funny,” the real Shaw said Thursday after practice at the United Center. “There are some funny ones I saw on Twitter [Wednesday] night. It just shows hard work is paying off. Fans recognize it, the organization also recognizes it.”

Shaw had a goal and an assist in Wednesday’s 6-2 win over Buffalo and then afterwards found out about #ShawFacts. He even tweeted one himself.

“Andrew Shaw loves Chicago and doesn’t want to leave. #ShawFact,” he tweeted at about midnight on Thursday.

The praise of Shaw through #ShawFacts hasn’t stopped. With five goals in eight games and a feisty attitude to go along with it, he’s turning heads around the NHL and on Twitter.

Some examples of #ShawFacts:

•"If Andrew Shaw coached the Habs, all of Quebec would speak English." -- tweeter Hockeenight.

•"Ghosts sit around a campfire and tell Shaw Stories." -- tweeter jmilazzo75

•"Seal Team 6 consisted of just one man ... Andrew Shaw." -- tweeter jrich0721

Shaw was asked for his favorite #ShawFact.

“Chuck Norris wears Andrew Shaw’s pajamas to bed,” he said with a laugh.

If you have a Shaw Fact, add it below in the comments section.