Mutual respect between Hawks' Kane, Bulls' Rose

CHICAGO -- Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane said Saturday he was honored that Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose thought so highly of him.

Rose recently said Kane’s success had motivated him in his own career. Kane returned the compliments Saturday.

“A lot of people were sending messages about [what he said],” Kane said Saturday. “When you see that stuff, that’s pretty cool. He’s such a great athlete. He’s done so many great things on and off the court for the city of Chicago.”

Kane respects Rose’s game, but he also admires Rose as a person.

“What I like about him is his humble attitude,” said Kane, who lives in the same downtown Chicago building as Rose. “If you see his MVP speech from a couple of years ago, you can really see he cares about the people he’s closest to and cares about his family and the people away from the game. That’s what I like most about him. He’s got a positive attitude, always looking on the bright side.”

Kane has been rooting for Rose throughout his injuries and was hopeful Rose and the Bulls had a successful season.

“For some unfortunate things to happen to him, he’s still had a great career,” Kane said. “They seem like they have a pretty good team this year. Hopefully they can do some special things.”