Thibs uncertain about travel plan for Rose

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said the organization hasn't come up with a plan yet for the injured Derrick Rose to travel with the team this season, and he wants the focus to be on rehabbing Rose's knee.

"Just concentrate on the rehab," Thibodeau said after Monday afternoon's practice. "He's taking care of that and the rest of the guys are taking care of being ready to play. At some point he'll re-join us and he's doing fine, working hard, coming along."

Rose, who tore the ACL in his left knee during a first-round playoff serries against the Philadelphia 76ers last season, has been around the Berto Center receiving treatment and shooting with his teammates throughout the preseason. The Bulls have not put a specific date on Rose's return, but he likely will be out for at least three more months.

Thibodeau isn't sure if Rose will sit on the bench, or travel with the team in the beginning of the season, but he is happy with the progress Rose is making.

"It depends on what's going to serve us best," Thibodeau said of Rose's presence on the bench. "He's usually doing rehab during a part of the game, so I want that to be the focus. He may travel some, he may not. If it better serves us to have him here or some place doing rehab, we're going to do that.

"These guys will be here. He's around the team. He's in every day so we him and he's working extremely hard so he's giving all that he can give at this time. At some point he'll rejoin us and we'll move on from there."

The Bulls open the regular season Wednesday against the Sacramento Kings.