Defense has carried Bulls all it can

Reggie Rose did get one thing right: The Bulls absolutely have to upgrade their roster to even think about becoming a postseason threat to teams like Miami, Oklahoma City ... even the Indiana Pacers, particularly as it pertains to offense.

This latest slump, seven losses in the last 10 games and three straight at home before beating Philly Thursday night, offered plenty of proof to anybody paying serious attention that the Bulls simply don't have a potent enough offense at a time when the rules, style of play and players coming into the league all favor offense.

There are too many nights when non-playoff predictors like the 76ers push the Bulls further than should be the case. Joakim Noah's prolific, even historic triple-double of 23 points, 21 rebounds and an insane 11 blocked shots, is easily the big story coming out of Thursday's game. But it still shouldn't obscure the bigger issue that offense isn't coming easily against a Philly team completely on the ropes and on the road. The Bulls shot 38.6 percent from the floor, and just 21.3 percent from the three-point arc.

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