Heat too great for a Rose return

If you had to pick a time to transition your roster, to get the club's assets and salary structure in order, and most importantly wait patiently for your franchise player to return from a career-threatening injury, this would be that time. There's absolutely no sense wasting a drop of angst over Derrick Rose's return or the Bulls running out of gas because this season was never going to be their time.

Have you seen the Miami Heat recently? Have you seen some part of their 22-game winning streak, tied for the second-longest such streak in the history of professional basketball in America? Have you seen the way LeBron James has dominated the season and the way Dwyane Wade has rebounded physically to play nearly as well as he did at the height of his career, in 2005-2006? Have you seen the way Miami has taken out the Bulls in Chicago, the Knicks in New York and the Pacers in Indiana since the NBA All-Star break?

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