Kane a LeBron fan, but will cheer for Bulls

Patrick Kane said he rooted for LeBron James to win a title last season. Getty Images

CHICAGO -- Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane said he'll root for the Chicago Bulls against the Miami Heat on Wednesday at the United Center, but don't expect Kane to be among those booing LeBron James.

Kane and James exchanged congratulatory tweets during their winning streaks in early March. The Blackhawks opened the season with an NHL-record 24-game point streak, which ended on March 8. The Heat are currently on a 26-game winning streak, seven wins away from tying the Los Angeles Lakers' all-time mark. The Heat play the Orlando Magic on Monday night and then visit the Bulls on Wednesday.

“Even last year, I was a real big fan of LeBron,” Kane said. “I felt everyone was hating on him, and he was kind of a guy that I was just waiting for to prove the critics wrong and shut them all up. I guess that's why you maybe take a liking to an athlete. And he's just a physical freak, unbelievable what he's done in his career."

While many viewed James as a villain for leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010 and joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, where they won a title last season, Kane had a different perspective.

“I think I was just cheering for him to win that first championship last year," Kane said. "In (Kane's hometown of) Buffalo, I think a lot of people cheer for the Celtics because of the Irish community and the way it is. I found myself in places cheering for the Heat, and people were kind of giving me dirty looks. I would always choose the Bulls over the Heat, but I love watching them still.”

Kane is hoping the Heat's streak is at 27 when they visit Wednesday.

“Hopefully, it's still be intact and I'll be able to watch them when they come in," he said.

"I'll cheer for the Bulls. You find yourself in an arena ... I went to a game earlier this year in Miami (vs.) Chicago, that was the only game I was at, I found myself cheering for the Bulls there, too, so probably the Bulls, but we'll see when it comes the time."