Heat respect these battle-tested Bulls

Chris Bosh worked on his shooting touch Sunday, impressed by what he had seen from the Bulls. AP Photo/J Pat Carter

MIAMI -- Initially, Chris Bosh had no interest in watching the Chicago Bulls limp into Brooklyn on Saturday for the decisive Game 7 of their first-round series against the Nets.

Bosh had other things to do.

There were weekend-long plans to celebrate his 1-year-old son's birthday. There was also one more night to relax before the Miami Heat really started to home in on their next playoff opponent after sweeping Milwaukee a week ago.

But there was something about the way those feisty, short-handed Bulls jumped out to a 17-point lead with a passionate, relentless and desperate brand of ball that didn't allow Bosh to remove his eyes from the TV once he caught a glimpse.

He had seen this Bullish act before.

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