Bulls' heart only goes so far

CHICAGO -- In Nazr Mohammed's world, you check the cutter, you don't give up fast break points, and a two-handed shove to the chest is nothing more than a handshake.

In Tom Thibodeau's world, referees call a completely even game.

But it's not Nazr Mohammed's world. Or Tom Thibodeau's world.

This is the NBA playoffs. It's LeBron James' world and on this night, Joey Crawford's world too.

In the confines of a heated Eastern Conference semifinal series against the top dog Miami Heat that required the presence of law-and-order referee Crawford, Mohammed's highly GIF-able shove of James got him ejected in the second quarter. The fans in the 300 level of the United Center chanted his name as he was escorted out of the court and we all knew it was a pivotal moment.

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