Heat leave Tom Thibodeau at a loss

CHICAGO -- It's a miracle he lasted this long. There have been so many different moments that have tested the extremes of his patience. But finally on Friday night, Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau reached his breaking point.

In a no-luck season where the Bulls have manufactured a commendable run, Thibodeau has been the constant rock. He probably should not be blamed for cracking after the Miami Heat won Game 3, 104-94, to expectedly take control of the series, 2-1.

You understand it, but it's still wrong.

In the game's final moments, Thibodeau just stared down with an unflinching and accusatory glare at veteran official Joey Crawford, who stared right back at him. The slow burn continued when Thibodeau, who has an iron reputation for rejecting excuses, blamed the officials for his team's plight in the series.

Watching the Bulls fight with their backups so vigilantly, pushing the Heat to the brink, it's easy to forget just how preposterously outmanned they are.

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