Rose reiterates love for Bulls

LAS VEGAS -- Derrick Rose was asked again on Thursday afternoon if he would ever consider leaving Chicago the way LeBron James left Cleveland earlier this season. And in as many words, as he told me on Wednesday, he had the same response:

Why would I?

"It would be bigger for me to win another championship [in Chicago] than to win somewhere else," he said. "The city would love me. It would be bigger for me to even get to the second round, so imagine a championship."

Rose taking tips: Denver Nuggets point guard Chauncey Billups has always spoken highly of Rose's talents, so it should come as no surprise that Rose is taking as much advice as he can from the NBA veteran.

"Chauncey, he's a veteran guy, if anything I try to learn that speed isn't everything,” Rose said. “With him, he gets things done using basic little moves, using his strength and using his experience on the court and I know it's going to take me a long time to get used to it, but I think that I should be there one day."

Coach K showing no favoritism: I asked Team USA head coach Mike Krzyzewski if it meant any more to him that Rose, like himself, was a Chicago native. The longtime Duke head coach stressed that he wasn't about to play any favorites.

"I just know Derrick very well because of his Chicago roots," Krzyzewski said. "But it doesn't mean any more to me for Derrick to be here than Russell Westbrook or Stephen Curry because I like all of them. There's no favoritism or anything like that. Even if I like the Bulls or whatever ... Everyone's treated the same, they all have USA on their jerseys."