Scoop: Hoops give respite from violence

A violent Chicago summer took a backseat to hoops for about 2,700 fans on Saturday. Courtesy of Ben Solomon

This is a story about The Chi. Not Chicago.

There remains a difference.

That difference can be found in the numbers of kids and people who weren't killed or shot or in schools that weren't closed. It rests in the feel-good story of the South Side's Jackie Robinson West Little League team coming within one game of making it to the Little League World Series on Saturday. It comes in the form of the annual pride of Saturday's Bud Billiken Parade, and in the form of an entrepreneurial program in the Austin neighborhood where 27 West Side entrepreneurs received seed money to start their own businesses by graduating from the Bethel New Life community group's training program.

The stories of a city that are often hidden and too often untold.

It comes in the form of a league. In this case, on this day, a game. A continuation.

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