Noah brushes off George's comments

CHICAGO -- Joakim Noah brushed off Paul George's assertion that his Indiana Pacers had supplanted Noah's Bulls as the Central Division's best team.

"It's all good," Noah said after Friday's shootaround before the Bulls take on the Utah Jazz. "It's game five of the season, man. It's a long journey. We'll see those guys again."

George and the Pacers dropped the Bulls to 1-3 after a 97-80 victory on Wednesday night in Indianapolis and then told NBA.com that Indiana is leading a new era in the league and the Bulls are old news.

“We want to step away from that shadow as the ‘little brothers’ of this division,” George said. “Their success is the Michael Jordan era. This is a new age, this is a new team. It’s ours till they take it.”

Bulls star Derrick Rose said in the preseason that he didn't believe the Pacers were a rival to the Bulls, just the Miami Heat. On Friday, Noah didn't want to get caught up in the any kind of rivalry talk.

"To me it doesn't matter," he said of a potential rivalry with the Pacers. "They want the same things that we want. And anybody who wants what we want I don't really like at this point so right now it's not about them, it's not about anybody, it's about us. We got to get better. That's our mindset -- it starts with [Friday night]."