Opening Tip: Bulls happy for Korver

CHICAGO -- Kyle Korver was one of the most popular players in Chicago during his two years with the Bulls. So it comes as no surprise that his former coach and those associated with the franchise are happy he set a league record Friday, when he made a 3-pointer for the 90th consecutive game.

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau couldn’t help but reminisce, for he coached the player who previously held the record, Dana Barros, when Thibs was an assistant with the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1994-95 season.

"It's great," Thibodeau said of Korver's milestone. "Actually I coached Barros, too, so when you get to be as old as I am, you're around everyone. But it's great.

"You're happy for [Korver] because of the type of person that he is, the way he's worked at his career. It's not an accident; this guy, he puts a great amount of time into not only shooting, but to preparing himself to play in each and every game.

"He knows how to find openings. And he does everything. Everyone says he's not a great athlete; he's got great quickness because of his knowledge. And it doesn't take him long to get his shot off. So I'm happy for him."

Mike Dunleavy, the player who was brought in to fill the role that Korver had before he was dealt to the Hawks, agreed.

"It's pretty impressive," Dunleavy said. "To be able to pull that off, just to be able to shoot a 3 in every game, let alone make one, that's pretty incredible. There have been a lot of great shooters that come through this league and to make it 90 games.

"I'm sure he'll get to 100, that's quite an accomplishment."

Thibodeau credited Korver’s preparation.

"He's going to analyze how he gets to his shots," he said. "He does everything real hard.

"He uses the back pick to free himself up to get the body off on where he can get his shot off quickly. And if you turn your head at all he's going to sprint to an open area. "

What's next: The Bulls have a day of practice before facing off against the Milwaukee Bucks at home on Tuesday night.

Dealing with more injuries: Luol Deng (Achilles injury) is the latest Bull to sit out hurt, but Thibodeau keeps preaching to his team that it can overcome any obstacle in its path.

"I think mentally we're kind of prepared for it at this point," Dunleavy said. "In terms of rearranging the lineups and guys having to play different positions and things like that, yeah, that's an adjustment. But we're professionals. That's the way it is. You get paid to do that. We come out every night and compete.

"We have to regroup, get better and come back Tuesday."