Bulls react to Derrick Rose's hip injury

The Chicago Bulls might have lost more than just a game during Wednesday's 107-87 loss to the Orlando Magic.

Derrick Rose took a hard fall early in the first quarter after being fouled by Orlando center Dwight Howard and had to leave the game due to a right hip bruise.

X-rays were taken at the United Center and came back negative, but Rose had an MRI late Tuesday night at Rush Medical Center and the results of that are unknown at this time.

Here is a reaction from a few of the people who were involved:

Bulls head coach Vinny Del Negro

Official word on Rose's injury: "A hip contusion, they called it -- or a tailbone contusion. I saw him at halftime and it just was real sore. The MRI was more precautionary, I think, than anything, so we'll see. But I think he'll be fine."

Do you think Rose's injury deflated the team? "It didn't help. I think it was 9-6 when he went out ... but give Orlando credit. Their energy was much better than ours."

What did you see on the play? "I didn't see the replay. It didn't look [like] anything other than he went by and kind of lost his balance when Dwight kind of bumped into him. Kind of just fell on his tailbone or hip. [Players] wear those pads and stuff now, so I think everything will be fine, but we're just being precautionary with [the MRI].

"It was a good aggressive move. It was just unfortunate the way he fell. I don't think there was anything intended there at all [on Howard's part]. Just to try to block the shot. Just an unfortunate fall and, hopefully, Derrick will be fine."

Did he say ouch? "He didn't say ouch. He just grimaced and shot the free throw. And they took him back to examine him and said he wouldn't return."

Would you like to see him sit out the All-Star Game? "It depends what the doctors say. And it depends how he feels. Usually guys don't play that many minutes at the All -tar Game anyway, but let's just see how things progress over the next couple days before we get there."

Bulls center Brad Miller

His reaction to Rose's play: "I see it all the time. He drives in there, hangs in the air for about five seconds, throws it up somehow and gets the roll. Same play you see all the time.

"He goes down [the lane], but that is his game. That's the part that puts him in that special group, to be able to finish those plays."

Were you surprised he didn't bounce right back up? "You never know. Stuff hurts sometimes. Going into the break, ... he's definitely going to take the days to rest up."

On if it would be a shame if Rose is hindered during the All-Star break: "I don't think he'll be disappointed if he's not ready until Sunday. The skills challenge, I've been there and seen it. The whole process of everything. It definitely takes a lot of time out of your day to do a twenty minute event."

Bulls Head Athletic Trainer Fred Tedeschi

On Rose's injury and treatment: "He had X-rays here at the United Center and was examined by our doctors from Rush and he was pretty sore and stiff [and] couldn't finish the game. So, given what's coming up this weekend we decided to get an MRI on him and he's over at Rush Medical Center getting that right now. We won't know the results until later on tonight. Anything beyond that we don't know. We're just getting a precautionary MRI."

Where do you think he'll be over the next four days? "It's hard to say. I'm hopeful. We'll need to see what this MRI shows tonight. If that is OK, then we'll just have to see how his symptoms resolve over the next four days.

"The x-rays so far were negative. I'm not sure we've completely ruled out a fracture, but it looks unlikely at this point. From there I guess it's exotic things it could be, but you saw what happened. He fell ... he was wearing the Adidas [Combat] padded shorts and I think that probably soaked up a lot of the blow. Hopefully, it's going to turn out to be not as bad as it could have been."

Magic center Dwight Howard: On if he talked to Rose after collision: "I asked him if he was OK and he said he was fine."

On seeing a fellow player go down: "It feels bad," Howard said. "But in the game of basketball there are hard fouls. There are times when people hit the ground pretty hard. And there's always a risk of any kind of injury. Hopefully he's OK. It was never my intention to hurt him, or anybody when we're playing basketball. But it's my job to protect the basket."

Have you ever fouled a friend that hard before?: "Yeah, I have. I think it was just his momentum. It wasn't like I just caught him and took him down. I think it was just momentum. He hit the Man of Steel ... it was nothing personal."