Roster breakdown: Ronnie Brewer

Ronnie Brewer may become a fan favorite with his defensive tenacity. AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato

Player: Ronnie Brewer

Salary: Signed a three-year $12.5 million deal in July, although third year isn't guaranteed.

Role for Bulls in 2010-'11: Brewer is expected to be a lockdown perimeter defender and should fit nicely into new coach Tom Thibodeau's system. He's proven he has the ability the score, averaging almost 14 points a game two seasons ago for the Jazz. But he struggled to find the same consistency last year due to a hamstring injury. If he stays on the floor, he should get plenty of open looks by playing alongside Derrick Rose. The key for Brewer will be to improve on his three-point shooting, he has a 23 percent clip from behind the arc over his career.

What happened this summer?: The Bulls moved quickly to sign Brewer after striking out with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. While he doesn't have the star power of the other two, management believes that he will be able to slow each one down if they meet Miami in a seven-game series. The organization believes that the 25-year-old will become an even better player in the next couple of seasons with a little more seasoning.

Best-case scenario: Defensively, Brewer is as good as advertised. He steps in to become the starting two guard and becomes a fan favorite because of his hard-nosed style. The extra time he's spent in the gym pays off as he finally starts hitting long distance shots. Rose's ability to penetrate gives Brewer even more room on the perimeter to hit open jumpers, and he averages 15 points a game in his first year in Chicago.

Worst-case scenario: The hamstring injury he spent most of last season trying to get over is still bothering him and he doesn't display the type of defensive prowess he did with the Jazz. He still can't a three-pointer and Thibodeau is forced to play Kyle Korver a lot more down the stretch in games. Brewer becomes unhappy with his role and Bulls fans remain unhappy because they're stuck watching Brewer and Korver instead of James and/or Wade.

Bottom line: If Brewer plays solid defense, hits open jumpers and continues to improve on his long rang shooting management will be ecstatic. If he struggles, fans will continue to wonder what might have been and what the Bulls could have done differently to be more like the Heat.