Thibodeau: Bulls may sign a veteran

CHICAGO -- Tom Thibodeau acknowledged Wednesday the Chicago Bulls may decide to sign a veteran who has agreed to a buyout in order to fill out their roster.

"We could," Thibodeau said before the game against the Golden State Warriors. "I know [general manager] Gar [Forman] and [executive VP] John [Paxson] are looking at the market and watching how it shapes up.

"Again, if something is a good fit for us and we think can help then we may take a shot at it."

NBA.com reported earlier in the week the Bulls are one of several teams that have an interest in Danny Granger. The veteran swingman was bought out by the Philadelphia 76ers after being traded by the Indiana Pacers just before last week's deadline.

Since sending Luol Deng to Cleveland in early January, the Bulls have filled their roster with players on 10-day contracts. They do not want to cross into the luxury tax threshold, which they are less than $1 million away from now.

Thibodeau said he wasn't sure how much of an impact any player would have at this point in the year.

"I guess it depends on who it is," he said. "Usually the guys right now, you're looking at more veterans that have been around and have been through different systems. And I think some of those guys pick things up pretty quickly. And then you can move them along, too, with how much you put in with them. So when they play you maybe have a smaller package to work with.

"This time of the year this is the next phase that you go through. You have the trade deadline, then you have the period in which players are bought out. So I think you have to look at that market, as well.

"If something does make sense, you may take a shot at somebody. But this is the time of the year that everyone's doing that."