Bulls can out-pitch Warriors for Love

The report Thursday that the Golden State Warriors are open to including Klay Thompson in a potential trade for Kevin Love might seem like a big blow to the Chicago Bulls' chances of landing the Minnesota Timberwolves star.

But count ESPN.com's Brian Windhorst among those who believe the Bulls still have a legitimate shot at Love, and might even have the potential to make a better offer than Golden State.

"I think the Bulls can make an extremely compelling offer," Windhorst said Thursday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN Chicago 1000. "I actually think the Bulls, depending on your perspective, could beat the offer that the Golden State Warriors are making with Klay Thompson and David Lee. I think the Bulls could offer a package that is even better than that if you toss in Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler. [It would be better] if you include the two first-round picks or at least one first-round pick. Golden State has no pick to offer.

"But I think if you're Chicago you've got to think do we really want to give up a guy like Taj Gibson, who is a terrific defensive player who is signed to a very reasonable contract and a guy like Jimmy Butler. They may actually think they are better off as a team with [Joakim] Noah, [Derrick] Rose and bringing in a free agent like Carmelo Anthony than they would making that trade.

"But however you slice it the Bulls have all of the weapons that you could possibly want at their disposal. If they amnesty Carlos Boozer they are going to have cap space, they have multiple draft picks, they have good young players who are on their rookie contracts, they have a quality veteran in Taj Gibson who would be desired by any team in the league. It is green light city now for the Bulls to make their move. I would recommend, considering the state of the East and considering you have Carmelo Anthony and possibly LeBron James on the market, make your move now."

Check out the podcast to hear Windhorst's thoughts on Anthony looking into Chicago and the Bulls preparing their pitch for the Knicks star.