Joakim Noah addresses injury

As usual, Joakim Noah did not disappoint during his pre-game mini press conference on Saturday. Here are a couple of the interesting nuggets he shared:

1. His foot is feeling a lot better.

How did it start feeling better so soon? Let's let him explain some of the reasons: "I got new orthodics in my shoes. I went to go see [Bulls team physician] Dr. Cole a few times in the city. [I've] just [been] doing as many treatments [as I can]. I'm actually drinking this drink ... my friend went to the gym the other day and somebody at the gym said drink this it's good for feet. So, I drank it."

Did it work?

"Hopefully," he said. We'll see. I drank it yesterday so ..."

What was it?

"I don't know," he said with a smile. "Some anti- ... I don't know. Apparently, it's some fruit drink that's good for your feet. So, whatever helps."

2. Noah misses traded teammate Tyrus Thomas.

The Bulls center had some high praise for his former teammate and fellow big man.

"I think that Tyrus is misunderstood a lot," Noah said. "He's a very emotional player. He definitely what through a lot in his time here. But he's somebody who has probably the most potential I've ever been around. He's great. He actually left me a couple pairs of shoes on top of my locker. We were really close and I really hope that he's going to do very well over there. It's good for him and I think he'll do great over there in Charlotte."