Heat coach impressed with Derrick Rose

CHICAGO -- Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra had plenty to say about the new-and-improved 3-point shot that Derrick Rose has added to his repertoire.

"What do you do now?" Spoelstra said after Saturday’s shoot around. "I mean, seriously, when a guy who can attack like that and get to the rim and the paint, and compromise your defense so much, pretty much when he wants to go, he's that quick and explosive. And then if he's shooting threes, the gameplan has to change. For two years, it was meet him under the 3-point line and give him those shots and bait him into that. Now he'll make you pay enough. It's not like he's shooting one a game, he's shooting four of them a game. So it's not an accident he's shooting that percentage. But it still has to remain your key to try to limit his paint attacks, which is much easier said than done."

Spoelstra also was very complimentary of the rest of the Bulls roster and first-year head coach Tom Thibodeau.

"They're a very good defensive team," Spoelstra said. "RIght now, they're the best defensive team in the league. And that's what we want to be. That's what we're still striving to be. They've been getting in a great flow offensively. Their point guard is having an MVP year. Their power forward is playing as well as anybody, giving them a great inside-out threat. And other guys are fitting in, and the pieces fit. They're playing very good basketball and we respect them for that."

Heat guard Dwayne Wade knows that the Bulls have improved a lot since the last time he saw them, especially Chicago's 22-year-old All-Star point guard.

"The biggest thing, I look at D. Rose play, just the confidence that he's playing with," Wade said. "Confidence is so key. In life, but especially in the game of basketball. Watching him the other night against Indiana, the way he's shooting the pull up three is like -- I thought it would take him a couple more years before he get that confident shooting. But he's just confident in his overall game.”

Bosh remembers Swirsky's visit: Heat forward Chris Bosh received plenty of recruiting pitches over the summer, but there couldn't have been many that were as unique as the first one he received from the Bulls. That's because Bulls radio play-by-play man Chuck Swirsky flew to Bosh's home outside of Dallas to personally deliver a sales pitch at Bosh's doorstep at 11:01 CT, the first moment free agents could officially start speaking with teams. Swirsky, the former play-by-play voice of the Toronto Raptors, knew Bosh since he was drafted by the Raptors in 2003 and was excited to be the first person to get a chance to speak with the coveted free agent. It's a meeting that Bosh remembered fondly.

"Ol' Chuck, man," Bosh said with a smile. "That was funny. We spoke for a brief minute, reminisced a little bit about Toronto days, and he went on his way."

What did Swirsky's pitch consist of?

"Winning," Bosh said. "It was all the same, man. It was all the same [as what Bulls management would say later]. Chuck is just a really excited guy ... about anything. If you talk about anything, he's just happy. You can't help but feel good. It's like, 'What's up, Chris?’ ‘What's up, Chuck? What's going on? How you doing?’ It just puts a smile on your face."

Despite Bosh's decision to join the Heat, the pair remains close. Swirsky's daughter, Kara, continues to bake Bosh chocolate chip cookies before some games, a tradition she started while he was in Toronto.

The last word: Dwyane Wade, on discussing whether he was going to stay for the Bears' playoff game on Sunday (he's not), and feeling cold in the United Center.

"My blood is so thin," he said. "I'm freezing. I got to get out of here."