Rose won't dance during All-Star intros

CHICAGO -- Derrick Rose is willing to do almost anything to get the Bulls back on the national stage. But he won't dance ... at least not at the All-Star Game.

The Bulls' 22-year-old point guard said he wouldn't partake in the usual freestyle dancing that All-Star starters love to put on display during pregame introductions.

"I'm not doing that," Rose said before Friday night's game against the Orlando Magic. "I'm ... not ... doing ... that. No, I'm not dancing. They'll be mad. I'm not doing that. That's just ... Oh my God."

Rose didn't dance on his way out to the floor last year before last year's game in Dallas, and he isn't about to start a new trend now.

"I'm going to look silly," he said. "Then they show that video forever. They show it forever so it's going to be bad. I hope [I don't have to]. You just made me think about it."

Rose isn't so much afraid of what family and friends will say, he just knows that it will probably be bad.

Rose says he dances -- just not out in public.

"Barbecues, stuff like that," he said. "Intimate little things. Not [any] arena filled [with fans]."

The possibility for embarrassment is too much for Rose to handle as far as dancing in concerned. He cringed last year when some of All Star teammates got crazy before the game.

"I don't like seeing people embarrass themselves," Rose said. "Like in a movie, I'll turn the channel if somebody's about to embarrass themselves or something like that. So for me to do it, it would be crazy. Unless it's like a rookie starting [and older players are saying] you got to do it, I'll have to do it. but if not I'm not doing it."

Rose wants to let his play do the talking. Aside from the dancing, he knows that becoming an All-Star starter is the next step in his progression.

"Hopefully, people will see me as one of the elite players in the league," Rose said. "I'm just trying to play and stay focused and I'm just trying to win games. Winning gets you everything in this league. People have to talk about you and watch you if you're winning. No matter how you're winning, if you're winning by one, 10, 15, it don't matter as long as you're winning games."